Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Wish List

How is it already December? I feel like 2014 flew past at lighting speeds.  I figured I would post a blog with my Christmas Wish List ala my pal Tiffany over at North Shore Poor.

Sprinkled Donut everything. I have no shame. A sprinkled donut preferably strawberry is by far my favorite guilty pleasure. Love these sprinkled donut slippers from Kohls. They even have sprinkled donut pajama pants. Unfortunately, not my size.
Etsy Gift Cards as who doesn't love Etsy? I have my eyes on a couple of prints.  Love this print of the lighthouse at Hog Island in the Bahamas and this watercolor of the Las Vegas skyline.  Etsy also has lots of cutesy essential oil cases.  So an Etsy Gift Card would be money well spent.
Moccasins the "flip flops of the fall/winter"  I currently have these.  The comfort level is out of this world, but they have seen better days.
Hydroflask Insulated Wide Mouth 32 oz Stainless Steel Water Bottle in pink or classic stainless steel - I love my glass water bottles but also love stainless steel because it keeps your water colder longer.  I also stick to glass and stainless steel because of the health concerns regarding plastic and BPA Also, I often flavor my water with lemon or grapefruit oil which should never be consumed in plastic.
A mirror to go over our dining room buffet.  Really, need to quit being so damn indecisive and head on over to HomeGoods to pick one out.  While we are there I would like to finally find a small entryway table.  Our entryway is full of awkward short walls, so finding a table hasnt been the easiest task.
White Duvet Cover preferably 100% cotton
Whats on your Christmas Wish List?

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