Friday, December 5, 2014

Frugal(ish) Friday - Natural Couponing?

Well, kind of.

My "couponing" habit slowed its roll when my husband began changing his personal care routine. I then began realizing that receiving three newspapers a week and driving myself crazy was just too much for me to keep up with. 

However, I do "coupon" so to say for a very limited amount of products including:
  • laundry detergent
  • paper towels
  • toilet paper
  • hand soap
  • garbage bags  
  • ziplock bags
I love Target for more reasons than one.  I swear Target is my sanctuary. I am unsure if its the convenience of Starbucks, the wide selection of natural skin care products or the fact that you never have to worry about getting a cart that squeaks. I love Target - now and forever.

Back to saving money at Target...

STACKABLE SAVINGS!  Target offers both mobile coupons delivered right to your phone (text OFFERS to 827438), occasional in circular coupons and online coupons.   In addition, you can stack offers from their Cartwheel App for additional savings! If you happen to have a manufacturer coupon, you can use those too! Then you can use your Red Card for an additional 5%!

Here's a quick guide on stacking at Target:

You can use a mobile Target coupon, cartwheel, and manufacturer coupon
You CANNOT use both a mobile Target coupon and a printable Target coupon together

The jist is you cannot use a Target mobile coupon or printable coupon together

Got it? Questions? Ask. 

Here is a fabulous scenario on ALL Free and Clear laundry detergent happening now through tomorrow:

Buy 4 of the 114 load bottles ($45.96) - Use $10 off $40 Target circular coupon ($35.96) - Load and scan 20% off All Free and Clear Cartwheel ($28.96) - Use Red Card to save 5%

You pay $27 for 456 loads of laundry with a final per load cost of  six cents!

All Free and Clear is not the best laundry detergent out there but its all about small improvements and what you feel comfortable with!  All Free and Clear rates a 3.6 on the Good Guide.  There are other detergent brands such as Method and Seventh Generation who rate higher.

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