Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Free Weekend

This is the first weekend in quite some time where there were no plans, and I had a Saturday evening to myself (Yay! Guys Night Out!) It's been crazy over here with the holidays. I am still finding Christmas miscellaneous that I forgot to pack away and still have gifts that need to be put away. It happens. 

Friday night we decided to see American Sniper, because isn't that what everyone is doing? We never go to the movies. It was the 3rd movie G and I have seen together in the almost six years that we have been together. It was hilarious to see how many other people never go to the movies but made the trek out for this particular movie.  "Wow that popcorn is huge -- who could get a refill on that?" "Assigned seating by picking your seats on an i-pad!" "RECLINERS"  The movie was fantastic in case you still had doubts. 

Saturday morning was spent deep cleaning the kitchen and attempting to organize all of the things and in the end not organizing much of anything. Ultimately, I need to make a list and slowly take the time to organize one room at a time. It would also help to enlist someone to come over and direct me with a whip. I wish I could be the type to just throw things in boxes, stick in the attic and forget about them.  I am not that person. I feel everything has a spot.  A tad OCD? Perhaps. G replaced all of the lighting in our house over the last week, so its been even more chaos than the usual.  The lighting is beautiful. I absolutely adore how he is always willing to learn something that he has never done before.  He makes it happen.  So my house is full of beautiful lighting fixtures, but in a bit more disarray than usual.  Gotta learn to roll with the punches. 

Saturday afternoon was spent with my Aunt gathering fruits and vegetables for green smoothies throughout the week. It's not a secret. I despise vegetables and as of lately I am attempting to hide them in anything and everything, so smoothies are a perfect addition to my mission of "HIDING ALL OF THE VEGETABLES". Luckily my nephew is a super picky eater and my sister-in-law has taught me lots of tips with my favorite being egg cups stuffed with cheese, peas, spinach or any other hard to stomach vegetables.  Whatever works!

G had plans with his friends, and I decided to just do nothing Saturday evening. I grabbed a sandwich and watched bad TV cuddled up with Baci. G then woke me up at about 1 am with a Sprinkles Cupcake from the Cupcake ATM machine.  What a guy!

I ate the cupcake early this morning, and quickly remembered a Sprinkles Red Velvet cupcake doesn't necessarily follow the clean eating mission that I am back on. The end of 2014 included a cruise, lots of amazing holiday food and tons of cookies.  The scale doesn't lie.  So, I ate the cupcake and dusted myself off in preparation for all of the green smoothies I will be consuming this week.  

I made a delicious smoothie for lunch which consisted of:

1 cup fresh organic spinach
2 kiwis 
1 organic gala apple
1/2 cup coconut water

Not bad, not bad at all.  I followed that up with some online Yoga.  

It's been a good weekend, and a "feel good" Sunday in time for a full week ahead. 

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