Saturday, January 3, 2015

Focusing on 2015

Happy New Year!! Holy Moly, how is it 2015? 2014 was a fabulous year of personal development, striving for a more natural lifestyle and settling into married life. I decided to make a running list of things that I would like to focus on this year - 2015.

  • More vegetables and less carbs.  I have quickly learned carbs/sugar are not my friends. They make me feel sluggish and out of sorts. 
  • Meal planning! I would like to focus on planning weeknight dinners with the hopes that it would cut back my tri-weekly need to stop at the grocery store for something.  I want to focus on simple and whole rather than the newest Pinterest recipe. 
  • Growing our own food. We had a bountiful garden for our G's first year and I really want to make sure we make it a priority this year. It really helped me step out of my comfort zone when it came to vegetables. We were more appreciative of what we were consuming and I found would eat vegetables that I would not normally eat. Everyone was happy.  Family, neighbors, coworkers and bunnies. 
  • Buy a deep freezer.
  • Green smoothies.
Time Management
  • Waking up earlier. The amount of time I have to get ready in the morning is embarrassing. I would like to enjoy my mornings and start them on a slower more relaxing start. 
  • Less screen time on the weekends. I haven't honed in on exactly how I would like to accomplish this, but I am thinking that one weekend day will be spent sans Facebook and Instagram.  
  • Develop a weekly cleaning routine with some small routine tasks done in the morning (as I hope to start waking up a bit earlier).
  • Less procrastination at work.
  • Using the numerous planners, to-do list, menu planners I have compiled in preparation for time management in 2015.  Finding what works and sticking with it.  
Health & Natural Wellness
  • Continue exploring natural medicine and utilizing my Young Living Essential Oils daily.  I have seen a dramatic difference in my health and well being since using them, and I know keeping up and learning will be nothing but beneficial.
  • Adios to coffee.  It's an addiction of mine, and I really think I am better without. Hello Rooibos and Green Tea!  I have been coffee free for a few weeks, but its been difficult. I really need to keep it on my radar.
  • At least 64oz of water a day. It wont be difficult with my new Hydroflask.  I am not joking when I say the Hydroflask is one of both mine and G's favorite gifts.  
  • Purging any unnatural products we may still use and replacing them with something preferably homemade. 
  • Replacing all of our cookware with ceramic, cast iron or stainless steel. Its in the works, and isn't easy. This is an entire post in itself. I received this set of Lodge Cast Iron from G for Christmas which I absolutely love and I also ordered this set from Amazon. I am anxiously waiting for its arrival. I hope to also obtain more mason jars and pyrex for storing leftovers, fruits and vegetables. 
  • Move more. Whether its taking the stairs, more walks for Baci or trading a lunch date with a friend for a walking date. Look into taking Zumba or Yoga classes.
Personal & Relationships
  • More real telephone calls/skype calls with friends and family. I am extremely anxious when it comes to talking on the phone, and I would really like to change this in 2015.  I think a good goal would be to call at least one person a month out of the blue to chat. It's crazy how old school a telephone call has become!
  • Managing anxiety through meditation, mindfulness and prayer.
  • Being cognizant of my tone when it comes to talking to people.
I think that's it /sarcasm. I truly hope 2015 will be another year of great personal development and as always any improvement is better than no improvement!

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  1. I LOVE these goals!! I need to get better on cleaning too! My mom always says to do one room a day so that way you don't have to spend all day cleaning. I need to try it that way lol I need to invest in the hydroflask, I know I just got a life factory one but you makes yours sound so tempting!!