Monday, March 2, 2015

Guilty Pleasures

I have never been a big fan of movies. I never saw ET, Goonies, or any of those old favorites that you will quote and then look at me as if I know what you are talking about. Although, I did watch Dirty Dancing a ridiculous amount of times.

My attention span is that of a kindergartner.

This was one of the first "signs" of which I knew G was the one. I cannot tell you the amount of times in our early dating months where we were on the way to the movies (because hello that's what dating couples do!) and in unison looked at each other and said, "Do you really want to go to the movies?" We have been together almost six years and I can say we have only watched a handful of movies in that time.  We have wasted much more money renting movies from Red Box, never watching them and forgetting to return them. Luckily for me he has developed a love for some of my favorite trash/reality TV.  I won't say which ones.

I may not watch movies, but I am a huge *gulp* fan of bad TV, or should I say my DVR.  My attention span is not a fan of commercials.

I cannot pinpoint the reason I love reality/rash TV.  It's mindless and does not utilize much thought. It's the perfect thing to watch while folding laundry or making dinner because if you look away for a bit there is a good chance you didn't miss much.  In addition, I like a voyeuristic view into other people's lives whether they are little people, polygamists or ridiculously rich dramatic housewives. I am nosey.

Is all reality/trashy TV created equal? I think not.

I recently stumbled upon "Married at First Sight" and may have watched every episode on "On Demand" in a Sunday.  Synopsis:  Three couples go through tons of different psych evaluations/personality tests/etc and promise to marry their match who they will not speak to or meet until at the alter.  They will then honeymoon, live with each other and after a month decide if they will remain married or divorce.  The intermittent relationship expert sidebars were interesting and helpful.  Some of them totally had G and I thinking.

Then there are television shows like Sister Wives, My Five Wives and Little Couple.  They have definitely opened my mind to other people's life situations.

Then there are my other favorites Real Housewives of New Jersey, Little Women of LA and Shahs of Sunset and these are truly just that Trash TV but whats life without some guilty pleasures?

What are some of your guilty pleasures?

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  1. I love Sister Wives, Little Women LA, Catfish!!! SO good!! I also love the Teen Moms, sooo ashamed lol