Monday, March 16, 2015

K Went to the Health Food Store and Bought - Volume 2

I almost frequent the neighborhood health store as much as I do Target.  Here is what I scooped up this time!
1.  Garden of Life Wheat Grass Juice Powder - I would love to grow my own wheat grass, but seeing that's not in the cards right now I picked up some Garden of Life Organic Wheat Grass Juice Powder. Garden of Life Wheat Grass Juice Powder is a powder made from juicing wheat grass and extracting the water creating a concentrated powder.  Wheat Grass has a plethora of health benefits which you can read more about here. I decided to add it to my diet for energy. I added it to my smoothie this morning and did feel a very big oomph in energy. 

2. Navitas Naturals Maca Powder - Maca is a root that belongs to the radish family. Maca Powder is a great source of Vitamins A, C and E in addition to tons of healthy minerals like magensium (which was highly suggested by my RE).  It is a also said to be great for mood balance and energy.  These are definitely current struggles of mine.

3.  Rainbow Light Men's One Multivitamin - A simple, inexpensive food based vitamin for G which includes live plant based enzymes and probiotics.

4.  Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw B Complex - Through my research for the perfect B Complex vitamin I found this particular Raw B complex which includes all natural food based forms of the B's. A good B complex vitamin promotes metabolism, regeneration, emotional wellness, energy, stress reponse etc.  This particular supplement also uses Folate rather than Folic Acid. Can you tell I love Garden of Life products?

5. Now L-Carnitine - A supplement for G, because men need vitamins too. L-Carnitine is an excellent vitamin for male fertility and increases energy.  I figure, why not?

6. Amazing Grass Organic Wheat Grass - I bought these simply for convenience, when I am not looking to consume a smoothie/juice for my wheat grass fix.  These have excellent reviews online.  The serving size is a bit overwhelming at 5 tablets.

7.  derma e Hydrating Day Cream - I was out of my usual day cream, so I decided to try something new.  I have heard good and bad things about derma e products and figured I would give the day cream a whirl. This particular cream includes Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E and green tea extract. Most importantly is free of parabens, sulfates and mineral oil!

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