Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Life Unexpected

I am sitting here jotting down questions I never thought I would have to think about, let alone ask a medical professional. I am crunching numbers I never thought I would have to crunch. I am feeling feelings I never thought I would have to feel.

We have our initial IVF/PGD consultation with our RE this Friday. My mind is jumbled.  My questions are endless. I am a gigantic ball of nerves.  I know I have the strength to get through the endless injections, poking/prodding, financial constraint and ups and downs.  I just don’t know if I can get through the possible disappointment. It's time to focus on just how lucky we are to be able to even think of pursuing IVF/PGD. 

We have another consultation with an infertility practice scheduled for the end of April, but I really don’t want to wait that long to get started and time is of the essence. We still need to complete karyotype testing and a whole heap load of other testing before the first round. It would make sense to look at other options, but I think if we do decide on taking the plunge the relationship with our current RE and the one on one time she is able to give us is priceless. Her success rates of IVF are favorable, but with us it comes down to finding a good embryo. I still have questions such as her willingness to allow me to produce more eggs than usual, the genetics labs they use for the PGD, and the biopsy experience of the person who extracts the single cell from the embryo to send to the genetics lab.

I have said it before, and I will say it again “It’s a lot.”

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