Wednesday, April 22, 2015

46, XY & 46, XX

We received our karyotypes back and they are both normal. This is surprisingly good news, please do not let me steer you the wrong way, but we are also back at not having a definite answer or "bad luck".

With the information we have right now the explanation could be poor egg quality/spindle issues leading to chromosomal abnormal embryos.

We know much more information then when we first started this journey and the decision truly lies in "putting all of our eggs in one basket" and continuing with the plan of IVF/PGS to significantly lower the chances of another miscarriage.

I am meeting with our RE tomorrow morning to discuss her professional opinion and a Day 3 ultrasound. We will then go from there. As of right now, I am leaning towards continuing through with our decision to pursue IVF/PGS. Honestly, I am unsure if I can emotionally/physically endure another loss and lowering our elevated risk of miscarriage by finding a chromosomal normal embryo sounds ideal, albeit expensive. I have scoured the internet for advice from others who have been in my position and weighed the pros and cons. My husband and I have had numerous conversations with him worrying most about my health and supporting my final decision.  At this point, a decision needs to be made.  I need to have faith in that decision and not look back.

Will this roller coaster ride ever stop?

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