Sunday, April 26, 2015

Life Sans Gluten and Dairy

isn't easy, but has not been nearly as difficult as I thought it would be.  Then again its only been two weeks.  

The Good 

I feel amazing. To the extent that my husband questioned if I was "on something". My energy levels are much higher.  I am much less lethargic.  I feel more rested and have less of a difficulty "rising and shining" in the morning. I do not feel weighed down. The stomach bloating has almost disappeared. However, yesterday I did experience some mild stomach bloating, but I also went out to lunch and who knows if what I consumed was truly GF/DF.  My brain is functioning much "clearer". I am much less irritable and anxious. I have also noticed a drastic decrease in the carb/sugar cravings I have always been plagued with.  

My progress has been almost perfect.  I have not eliminated grass fed butter and I am unsure if I will.  It doesn't seem to affect me the way full dairy products do as butters are majority fat. I did purchase a coconut based "butter" that I am going to give a whirl.  I have even made it through a few social events without fail. 

The Bad

I miss cheese.  I miss cheese.  I miss cheese.  This has been by far the most difficult thing to say goodbye to.  I purchased a spreadable vegan cheese made of cashews at Whole Foods this morning.  I am hoping it takes the edge off.  I miss cheese. 

I also find myself eating a bit more packaged/convenience food than before. I think this is mainly because of my lack of experience with this new diet. I hope to eliminate some of the convenience foods once I become more accustomed to eating sans gluten and dairy. I am doing the best I can at the moment.  

Eating out is proving to be a nightmare.  I become extremely anxious just thinking about finding something without gluten and dairy.  We walked out of Sweet Tomatoes because I was overwhelmed.  I went out to lunch with a friend yesterday for Chinese (I know, that was a mistake) and I was assured the food I was eating was gluten and dairy free, but my stomach that evening told me otherwise.  Frustrating. 


I plan on continuing sans gluten and dairy for a couple of reasons.  I haven't felt better in quite some time and my genetic predisposition (compound heterozygous MTHFR and family history) to auto-immune disorders. It would be much more difficult to continue these drastic changes if I didn't feel a difference. Thankfully, I feel a huge difference and hopefully that difference keeps me going!

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