Thursday, April 2, 2015

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Sonohysterogram - Holy Moly that sounds overwhelming and painful especially seeing it involves a catheter

Well, if you find this blog searching "sonohysterogram" because who doesn't google the sh#* out of procedures before they endure them. I sure do. I may or may not have performed the following Google searches:

Sonohysterogram painful
Sonohysterogram complications
Sonohysterogram death
Sonohysterogram bleeding

I felt very slight cramping nothing unbearable, a bit uncomfortable seeing this was the first time my therapist for my ovaries became more than that, but totally doable. I didn't take any Tylenol prior to the procedure and I think if I would have I wouldn't have event felt the tiny twingy cramps that I did feel.  Easy peasy. You got this.

The good great news is no fibroids and no scar tissue. According to my RE I have a " healthy nice looking uterus". I probably should have brought one of the pictures home with me to display on my fridge. I may or may not have exclaimed "THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!"

We are still awaiting our karyotypes and we briefly discussed the next steps which will be waiting for Day 1 of my cycle, beginning birth control pills for a couple of weeks, discontinuing the baby aspirin and beginning Lupron and then other injectables.

There are ups and downs to life and this is definitely an up.  A small up but an up.  I need to practice being more mindful.  As of right now, I am thankful for getting through this procedure without pain and with a positive outcome.

It is day by day around here and I need to strengthen my ability to ride the waves.

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  1. That's wonderful news. Those procedures are not always the most pleasant, but at least you got it over with, and it showed that things are looking good in that area! Positives!