Saturday, May 30, 2015

egg retrieval beat me up

This blog is brought to you by my comfortable bed which I do not plan on leaving until my brunch plans tomorrow at 11:30.  I am not missing brunch. A celebratory brunch complete with a Mimosa because I DESERVE IT.

Seriously though - egg retrieval beat me up.  I am a hot mess. Everything up until now has been easy-peasy for me. I guess its time for me to pay my dues.

Yet another unexpected.  Prior to retrieval I read about some women actually returning to work the following day. I contemplated it, but decided on taking the following day off.  It's a good thing I did because I felt awful.  

I returned to work two days after retrieval and that was the worst day yet. I wobbled around the office and prayed nobody would ask if I was pregnant. I was miserable. The tenderness and bloating cannot be described. 

I wasn't expecting this. I have no risk factors for severe OHSS. Although, I am still seriously bloated and have gained 4-5 lbs since retrieval.  So, take it from me you can still be ridiculously uncomfortable without severe OHSS.  

Today is 3 days post egg retrieval and I cannot believe I could be preparing myself for an embryo transfer.  There is no way my body would be capable. I couldn't even browse Hobby Lobby let alone house an embryo. 

My advice, do not expect to be yourself after retrieval even if you have 0 risks for OHSS.  Every woman's experience with egg retrieval is different.  Allow yourself plenty of time to heal. 

I have been given lots of advice for a possible 2nd retrieval.  One person who has had several retrievals suggested a juice fast. Will definitely put that on my things to try for next time.  Another person who felt equally as horrible as I after retrieval went on to have a pleasant 2nd retrieval. You never know because that would be too easy. 

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