Thursday, May 7, 2015

It's Not the Needles, Its You

After my first session of acupuncture, I wasnt sure if it was for me.  I felt everything but relaxed,  the practitioner felt rushed and did not get to know me or my health needs. He simply stuck me with three needles, shut off the lights and collected $145.  There was nothing zen about it.  

I didn't want to "give up" on acupuncture after one visit, but I also was not willing to return to the first practitioner who had amazing Yelp reviews by the way. I decided to inquire if acupuncture was still offered at my chiropractor's office because I knew it was a setting I was more comfortable with.  Luckily my chiropractor's wife was still accepting appointments. 

My first acupuncture appointment with Amy was everything that I was looking for.  She asked me tons of questions to get to know me. We discussed a variety of things including MTHFR, Monsanto and gluten/dairy free lifestyle.  She was chockfull of information and definitely someone I can learn from in my pursuit for a healthier lifestyle.  She visually examined my tongue and checked my pulse numerous times at different positions.  She then placed numerous needles in various points.  She explained a couple of the reasons for needle placement, turned on the essential oil diffuser and I relaxed. Was I relaxed for the entire time - NOPE, but I relaxed. 

My second session was last night. We went over her findings, with the majority being spleen related, blood related and dampness.  We also went over a treatment schedule which will be 2 visits per week for 12 weeks to support my IVF cycle.  Then it was time for the needles and this time I must have been hyperaware because I could feel the energy from some of the needle placements.  I also had a much easier time relaxing.  Practice makes perfect.  I left her office feeling like jello - it was almost like an internal massage as she likes to call it. 

I am glad I gave acupuncture another shot.  I went from loathing it to loving it and anticipating my next appointment.

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