Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Let's Retrieve Some Eggs!

I (well, my husband) injected the trigger of Pregnyl at 1:30 Tuesday morning. Talk about anxiety. I don't read much about the anxiety surrounding the trigger shot.  Let me tell you it has been hands-down one of the most stressful parts of this process. Maybe it was the particular timing of ours?  You need to take it exactly 36 hours before retrieval which landed us at the ridiculous hour of 1:30 AM.  We set numerous alarms and were terrified we would drop the vial of medication, mix it incorrectly or something would go wrong with the injection itself. It doesn't help that this was the first intramuscular injection and the needle is a tad bit intimidating.  My ass still hurts. 

Alas, all went off without a glitch and we were both left wide awake and anxious for the next couple of hours. 

I am not sure if my extreme exhaustion yesterday was due to lack of sleep or the trigger shot itself. I felt awful yesterday. I have also been extremely emotional.  I really dont think its the medication, but more the experience and all fo the feelings that come with it. It's tough stuff. Take it easy on yourself. Today I am not feeling nearly as bad, but still decided to work the 1/2 day at home. 

So here we go I am all gussied up in super loose yoga pants and a pair of lucky socks with my good luck tokens in hand.

Praying for strong eggies!!


  1. <3<3<3 praying for strong eggs for you too!!!!

  2. You got this! Crossing my fingers and toes!