Thursday, May 28, 2015


Egg retrieval consisted of lots of time spent in the waiting room watching Rachel Ray.  I was extremely hungry and thirsty and Rachel Ray was not making the situation any easier. 

Husband provided a sample, we signed a ton more papers, paid some more money for the anesthesiologist and embryo freezing/storage and waited to be called for retrieval.  

I then gowned up looking ridiculous in my hair net and entered the most intimidating room on earth where I put my feet/legs in the most intimidated looking pair of stirrup boots on earth. These were no joke.  Like the king of stirrups. 

Proceeded to crack a few jokes with my RE until the anesthesiologist decided to hit the radial nerve in my hand.  OUCH.  I wanted to take my check back.  

& then I was out and woke up what seemed like days later but was only 45 minutes later.

Drugged up and in the recovery room we were visited by my RE and embryologist and notified that 16 eggs were retrieved. This number was more than expected. I was tickled pink and proud of these ovaries of mine. I swear the only time you do not have to wait in this process is during egg retrieval.  Instant gratification. Then again its waiting from here on out for how many eggs were fertilized and how many make it each day going forward until biopsy and freeze. Still - 16 eggaroos! This is an edited version of me in my drugged up 16 egg glory.

I felt good, but nowhere near as fabulous as I thought I would. I had plans that my husband and I would be going out for dinner afterwards.  Ya, that didn't happen. 

Today, I am feeling okay. I am still crampy to the extent I am taking pain killers and if you know me that never happens.  The bloating has worsened since yesterday when I actually felt like myself for a short period of time.  I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing it felt to feel like myself for a short period of time.  A drugged version of myself that is. I had hopes it would stick around. Alas, the follicles fill up with water after the procedure, so the bloating has just begun.  I plan on a diet of french fries, broth, electrolyte water, coconut water and Gatorade in hopes to feel more like myself soon!   


  1. I'm also banking embryos with IVF/PGS. I'm finding it to be a very nerve wracking and long process. Best of luck!

    1. It sure is and it's just the beginning for me!! Wishing you all of the best.