Friday, May 22, 2015

Stimming Along

[a friend sent me this song yesterday - landed me in tears]

Today is day 8 of stims, and its been much more of an emotional journey than I had imagined. There are so many unknowns and ups and downs from one day to the next.  My biggest fear is the unknown and this process makes me face this fear head on. 

There has been a set-back that has thrown me into a crazy Googling tailspin. My body is not responding as well to the medication as they had hoped. I started at 150iu Follistim and 75iu of Menopur. I am up to 300iu Follistim and 75iu Menopur. My estrogen levels are increasing but slowly. I wasn't expecting this as all of my pre-IVF numbers were good.  I figured along with the doctor that I would be a super stimmer.  I am on an antagonist protocol. This protocol was picked by my RE to salvage the quality of eggs.

I had a few good measuring follicles today. I will start the Ganirelix tonight to ensure I do not ovulate earlier than my Wednesday or Thursday egg retrieval. Right now I am praying for quality over quantity and my RE fine tuning my protocol for my next retrieval.

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