Saturday, June 6, 2015

It all started with a broken refrigerator

This morning wasn't the best. Luckily, I had acupuncture and could unwind my anxious brain to pick apart this morning's happenings. 

I was definitely not mindful this morning.  The last two days G has spent working in the yard, cleaning out the garage and then unexpectedly fixing our broken fridge. I really wanted a deep freezer, but didn't necessarily want our regular fridge to breakdown in order for G to have to run out in a panic to purchase a deep freezer to save the ridiculous amount of food I had packed in ours.  Alas, that's how it happened. 

This all happened while I was at work and in the midst of G finishing up cleaning out our garage. 

So, ya my house is not in the best of shape.  

Obviously, I took my time in acupuncture looking at the situation realistically rather than irrationally as I did this morning. 

I woke up this morning overwhelmed at all of the chaos and to put it bluntly "lost it". In case you didn't know this its never okay to transfer your anxious icky feelings to your significant other or anyone for that matter.  I did. I picked apart everything that he had not done rather than focus on everything that he did accomplish.  Did he really want to spend his day off researching how to fix the refrigerator or running out to purchase a deep freezer?  

I regressed into old habits.  I have come along way with accepting things as less than perfect and going with the flow, but that doesn't mean at times of stress I wont regress.  This was a classic example.  I need to remember to sit with those uncomfortable feelings, be mindful of them, look at things realistically and let the unrealistic/drastic feelings go.  

The reality is; the parts have been ordered to repair our refrigerator, I have some free time this week to put things back in order, we have a new deep freezer and anyone that comes over before then will love me enough to not judge me on the condition of my house.

Oh ya, in case you were worried... G has forgiven my childish irrational outburst. 

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  1. You are much nicer than I! I am such a brat but luckily I can also talk myself out of it! I always say I love Joey more than I love being right but man is it hard sometimes cause I have that italian pride!