Monday, July 6, 2015

AM Routine

As I have said a gazillion times, I am not a big fan of mornings. I have improved since receiving acupuncture treatments, but I still lack morning self-care to really get my day to a running start.

My current morning routine begins with me hitting snooze on the alarm clock and my husband then waking me up about 30 minutes later.  My husband  doesnt need to wake up for another hour and a half or so after me, but he is the one waking me up. Something is wrong there. The rest of my shortened morning is crammed with whatever time allows and dependent on how groggy I still may be.  Sometimes it involves grabbing breakfast and lunch, but often times it does not.

I am all about self-improvement and this is definetly an area I can work on to improve. I inquisitevely ask mentors and friends about their morning routines as I aim to drastically improve mine.  I have a friend that actually does all of her cleaning in the mornings before leaving for work.  I have a mentor who goes to the gym and then returns home to get ready before leaving work. I have another friend who cooks dinner before leaving for work. Gah! I cant even go through my proper skincare routine and pack a lunch before leaving for work. 

Now do I want to clean my house, go to the gym and cook dinner before leaving for work? Absolutely not, but I do want to hone in on my time management and find a morning routine that works for me.  As I am quite Type A, I figured the first step in finding the perfect morning routine for myself is to begin with a schedule.

6:00 AM - Wake up! Do not snooze. Do not lay in bed to check e-mail, WhatsApp or Instagram. Wake up! This means 2 feet on the ground and stretch!

6:05 AM - Wash, tone and moisturize face

6:10 AM - Get dressed, brush hair and teeth

6:25 AM - Breakfast! Take the time to juice or make a smoothie. Most likely consume during commute. Clean juicer or ninja and tidy up kitchen to come home to a clean kitchen

6:50 AM - Take fish oil and probiotics. Gather snacks and lunch for the day. 

7:00 AM - Load washer and program washer to start in 10 hours

7:15 AM - Leave the house

I am going to do my best to follow the above. Hold me accountable, alright? I am going to start here and then hopefully wake up a bit earlier to do some morning journaling.  Baby steps.

Whats your morning routine?

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