Tuesday, July 28, 2015

IVF - Take 2!

IVF is all about the plot twists. 

I found out my protocol was being switched from Antagonist to Long Lupron last Friday. Although, this is nowhere near a complete game changer its still throws off a few things.  First, I have no idea of what to expect from Lupron. Some people have horror stories of menopausal symptoms and terrible headaches. Then again others have no side effects at all.  Lets keep our fingers crossed that I am one of the no side effect people. Secondly, my retrieval will most likely not be until the last part of August as I will start stims later.

A change in protocol meant Googling my Friday afternoon away and asking loads of questions. My doctor seems to think I will have a steadier stim through Lupron, and she doesn't like the way my body reacted to the Ganirelix during the Antagonist Cycle. In essence, my last cycle was not a failure but she feels things could have gone better and thinks its wise to give Lupron a shot (literally). 

I have complete faith in my doctor, but I am still terrified.  My biggest worry is I will be over suppressed with the Lupron and will take even longer to stim than last time, but she assured me this should not be an issue. However, I am still a bit concerned because at this point in the game everything concerns me. 

I meet Lupron tonight.  

A positive note? Lupron is much cheaper than Ganirelix. I like cheaper. 

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