Monday, August 17, 2015

A Cooperating Left Ovary

The bloating and full feeling (aka feeling gross) set in yesterday, so I figured my monitoring appointment this morning would go swimmingly. 

gross = progress

According to my nurse, they are. Things are moving along! It looks like I will be stimming for 11 days, the exact number of days that I stimmed the last time. I find this ironic, because this cycle compared to last cycle has been so different for me.

This cycle...
more injections
more bruises
more medication
more side effects
more tears
more does not equal more fun
There were more clicks and ultrasound pictures spitting out of the machine, so I took that as a good sign. The nurse commented that it was because my left ovary was not being camera shy this time around. Thanks for your cooperation left ovary.  We shall call you "lefty". 
I also just received the phone call that my meds are being decreased to 300iu a day and it looks like a Saturday retrieval. 

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