Sunday, August 9, 2015

A Weekend to Me

It's Sunday (boo!!)

This weekend was so simple but so needed.  I need my alone time. I am not one that needs to have a full schedule to feel content and last month was just too much for me.

Friday was spent walking the trails of our neighborhood dog park. I am trying to move more whether its fitting in neighborhood walks with my aunt, walking during lunch with friends or taking Baci for way more walks than usual. 

I woke up Saturday and had decided that I would do as I please this weekend. No pressure. No time constraints. I wanted to see where the day took me.  

It started off with my husband and I foraging through our poorly maintained garden and picking oodles of tomatoes. Needless to say sauce will be made this week. I also quickly meal planned and planned my week ahead. I absolutely adore my Happy Planner. 

Happy Planner
I wound up stopping off at Naperville's Farmers Market prior to my 9 am appointments. It was my first time, and I loved it.  It was full of flowers, veggies and fruits rather than miscellaneous stands with a few fruit/veggie stands strewn in between.  I will definitely be returning.

My chiropractor and acupuncture appointments were divine - per the usual. I always feel ridiculously relaxed after acupuncture on Saturday mornings.  Even more relaxed than my weekday appointments.  

I decided to do some grocery shopping at Whole Foods and a neighborhood produce store because I am officially obsessed with Lemon Drop Melon. I took my time and didn't rush. I perused the aisles picking up much more than I needed, but this my friends is enjoyment for me.  Judge away. 

I stopped back at home to retrieve my IVF meds from our doorstep because (HOLY ANXIETY that is a lot of money on our doorstep) and take Baci for a long walk around the neighborhood.  

I then felt the need for some retail therapy and visited the Promenade where I picked up a couple of items from Macy's and a few of the book recommendations I had received on Instagram (Divergent, Still Missing, The Husband's Secret and Crazy Rich Asians). I was bummed none of the memoirs that were recommended were available, but its probably best I get through these first. 

I went back home just in time to make dinner (tacos, of course!) and my first try at homemade pickles. 

I slept in on Sunday morning, well later than usual (7:30 am). Thank you acupuncture! We decided a morning trip to Target was in order where we filled our cart with nonsense and sipped on Starbucks (my weekly tall iced coffee with coconut milk).

Followed up Target with a trip to Downtown Naperville.  It was the perfect time and day - early and not so perfect weather.  The crowds were minimal.  We stopped by Snap Kitchen.  The place is ridiculously awesome, but a bit pricey.  I absolutely love the concept (fresh, healthy takeaway) and hope to try more of their goodness out soon.  This time I picked up two soups.  The soups were priced reasonably when compared to a can of Amy's and look much more appetizing. 
Butternut Squash Soup & Spicy Coconut Chicken Soup 
Sunday has been spent doing laundry and tending to a broken freezer (yes, again!)  I am currently waiting for G to come home, as we have dinner plans at a local tried and true restaurant. 

Relaxed and revived for Monday which happens to be my first day of stims. 

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