Monday, August 3, 2015

Goodbye July

July can be summed up as BUSY, but then again what summer month is not busy? I can hardly believe its over, it really feels like it just began. 

We started the month with a very laid back 4th of July. We went out for a nice al fresco dinner and caught some fireworks on an evening bike ride. The mosquitoes were out of control and it was much more difficult for them to munch on us if we were on the move. 
The theme of July was weddings - we attended three including my younger brothers. I must say they were all delightful and full of love; wonderful food, company and venues. However, I am welcoming a break from the high heels and full face of makeup. 
Cafe Brauer
I also witnessed this little ladies adoption.

Barbara Mae AKA Babs
I have never rescued a dog and the experience left my eyes welled up with tears. I had been following Babs through Tiffany since she was rescued from a puppy mill.  Babs has had a rough life, and she is only believed to be about 2 1/2.  You can read more about Babs here. Babs will always have a special place in my heart. Love you Babs!

Our garden is in full swing. Although, I must say its a bit less kept than last year. We have already received a bounty of peppers (green and yellow), yellow squash, green zucchini and a couple of tomato varieties. The ridiculous start-up cost from last year is paying off. As always, zucchini recipes needed! Look at this perfect little eggplant! It was delicious grilled up and drizzled with balsamic vinegar.

We ended July with a trip to Michigan.  It was just what our busy July needed, a relaxing ending.  We stayed at my husband's Aunt and Uncle's cottage on the lake with my sister-in-law, brother-in-law and nephew. The weekend was full of catching up, fishing (for the guys), a day trip to Saugatuck and relaxing "off the grid." I will post more about how much I appreciated this "off the grid" getaway in a separate blog post. It was just what both of us needed.

South Haven, Michigan

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