Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Hey, It's Okay Tuesday

I got this idea from Amber at Airing My Dirty Laundry, One Sock at a Time. They have a section in Glamour magazine called Hey, It’s Okay and will list a bunch of things to be okay about. You're welcome to join in and do something like this on your blog. Doesn't have to be on a Tuesday either. Just make sure you link up and that the post you link up is a Hey, It's Okay Post.

-To have a mild obsession with Donald Trump and his lack of filter. Never a dull day for CNN

-In addition, a mild obsession with the Ashley Madison story. Did you know only three zip codes are Ashley Madison free??

-To finally have read Divergent. It was okay. I really was expecting more after all of the hype.

-To fill your bed with a ridiculous amount of pillows

-To have hired a cleaning service.  We have hemmed and hawed, and it's the best solution for us. A dirty house gives me anxiety.

-To anxiously await Wednesday, Thursday and Sundays because of your Big Brother obsession

-To color and realize its ridiculously calming

1 comment:

  1. Donald Trump is an ass, but I love how he's not PC.

    I love Big Brother too!