Monday, August 24, 2015

It's Not My First Rodeo

We received the fertilization report and 10 eggs fertilized. I am a bit bummed seeing we had less eggs retrieved last round and more fertilized, but then again IVF is just full of surprises.  Some good and some not so good. 

The recovery has been much better this time around. I am experiencing a bit less bloating and cramping.  Which I am thankful for. The worst began last night and continued into today.  Very similar to last round but half the pain. Although the discomfort was enough to keep me home from work today. That and the fear of being asked if I am pregnant. I will do my best to stay in my cube the remainder of the work week. 

My mind is racing regarding the PGS testing. If we don't get the 8 embryos I am at the point of wondering if transferring a couple of embryos and saying a Hail Mary is a better plan. It is the plan that would save us a few thousand bucks. I guess the bottom line is I am not a gambling lady, and I am terrified of us going through with the PGS testing with the embryos we do have and either not having a normal embryo to transfer or transferring a normal embryo and it not implanting. 

I am anxious and terrified. I guess decisions cannot be made until we find out how many blasts we have from this cycle. 

Back to waiting...

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