Thursday, September 24, 2015

What Is In My Head

I feel like my hands are tied behind my back, and I hate it. 

So, I research and research and research some more!

I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Kwak-Kim. Well, I am in the process of receiving an appointment. I got the ball rolling last week by sending all of my records and waiting for them to approve my request for an appointment. I was notified this week of a more in-depth health questionnaire that I had to fill out and am now waiting for the call back with an appointment. She is booked into December, and I am really hoping to get into her before 2015 because of tax and insurance reasons (gotta squeeze that medical tax deduction this year)

Dr. Kwak-Kim specializes in recurrent pregnancy loss.  She has patients that literally fly to see her, and seeing she is practically in my backyard it would be foolish of me to not make an effort to see her in regards to her thoughts on my RPL panel results. I of course, have done much more research and have read through my records more than a hundred times and there are some specific things that need to be addressed by a specialist in this field - not my RE and not a regular hematologist. 

A few things that have my head spinning include the pathology reports of both losses have language of clotted blood and fibrin.  I also remember my perinatologist telling us that the placenta with our first loss was extremely small.  These can be related to blood clotting.  

I have found specific people online who have my exact mutations (PAI-1 Homozygous, HPA1 Homozygous and MTHFR Compound Heterozygous) and that have seen Dr. Kwak-Kim who put them on 40mg of Lovenox when TTC and 80mg of Lovenox when pregnant. These doses are not the recommended smallest dose that the hematologist recommended. The PAI-1 can also cause insulin resistance. However, with all tests I have had to date I do not have insulin resistance, but who knows! There is also a specific test she runs regarding the level of PAI-1 in your blood. This is one test I have not had done. 

As of right this second, we are going through with a third cycle of IVF.  My mind changes by the minute. I have a follow-up with our RE next week to discuss how we plan to move forward. I have a couple of creative ways that I would like to present to her and hear her thoughts on.

If you have seen Dr. Kwak-Kim, please feel free to share your experience with me. I would deeply appreciate it. 

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