Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Thousands for a Maybe Baby

I don't speak about this much, but as of lately it has been something that is weighing somewhat heavily on me. Especially as I gather all of our medical expenses from this year for our 2015 tax returns. Holy smokes!

Side note:  You can claim the amount of your medical/dental expenses that is more than 10% of your AGI. This is one of the reasons we are rushing to get as much as we can done in the 2015 tax year and of course in terms of fertility - time is of the essence.  

My husband and I have a combined higher middle class income and live considerably below our means. If we lived above our means, this whole journey would be way more difficult financially than it already is for us.  Go us! However, this does not mean that dishing out tens of thousands to create a baby comes easily for us.  Emotionally it sucks. Financially it sucks. 

As I have mentioned in the past, my husband is a saver.  He does not believe in credit card balances.  He also freaks out if our savings account is below a certain threshold. 

We have creatively been paying for IVF with 0% credit card offers and cash.  I am grateful, we have the means to do so, but it still sucks. 

We could have went to Italy, remodeled our kitchen, bought that LV Neverfull, etc.  You get the picture.  

It is not easy shelling out thousands of dollars for the gamble of making a baby. No matter how much you want said baby. 

It's difficult.  It's unfair. It's stressful. 

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