Tuesday, November 24, 2015


-We have a garage that is 90% organized, illuminated and can fit two cars (no longer a three car household - we sold mine last week) - success! I had my doubts that this would happen before our first snow, but that husband of mind made it happen. 

-I am loving our CSA meat share. I just picked up this month's share and was blessed with 2 cartons of eggs, 2lb beef stew meat, porterhouse steaks, strip steaks, 3lb ground beef, bacon and a pork ham roast (what the hell is that? recipes. please)

-My company has changed their dress code policy. When I first started 5 years ago we didn't even have casual Fridays, but with the new policy "Dress For Your Day". We can wear jeans as long as we do not have any contact with external clients that day. Which means, I will probably be wearing jeans 75%-80% of the time!  

-I have not been in the holiday spirit, but have picked up a couple of Christmas gifts over the last couple of weeks. It feels good, because last minute shopping is the last thing I want like to deal with this year. 

-My RE nurse is pregnant! I've mentioned before, that she is not only a nurse, but also a patient of my RE's. My eyes welled up with happy tears when she told me on Monday. 

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