Monday, November 23, 2015

Seasoned IVF-er

Today is my eighth day of stims. I had my monitoring appointment this morning and it is looking like a Black Friday retrieval. 

So ya, my husband works in retail and my retrieval is Black Friday. Ya know, the biggest shopping day of the year?


A positive, I will probably not have to take any days off of work! There is nothing exciting about wasting PTO on egg retrievals and recovery. Been there done that, twice. 

This third cycle has been different.

-I have done very little researching and have done my best to stay sane.

-I no longer need my husband's assistance for injections, and I could pretty much do them with my eyes closed.

-My nurse doesn't even bother to give me the whole "undress from the waist down..." spiel and the sight of my blood filling the ridiculous amount of tubes no longer makes me nauseous. 

I guess I have become a seasoned more laid back* IVFer. 

*Perhaps "laid back" is not the best term to use, as I am keeping myself from Googling  the reasoning of why I am stimming for 10 days instead of 11 days as my previous cycles??!? Also, why the hell didn't my mail order pharmacy send my trigger shot, and it better be on my porch tomorrow morning!!

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