Monday, November 9, 2015

Side Effects

I have never been one to really suffer from side effects when it came to drugs, but that is until Lupron came into the picture. 

I started Lupron on Friday and the side effects have hit me like a bus, but they are a bit different than the last time. Lupron is not only evil but also tricky. Thus far I am again plagued with the insomnia, vivid dreams/nightmares, hot flashes, headaches and nausea, but I am not crying three times a day or dealing with irrational thoughts. 

So, ya. You win some and you lose some.  Then again what do you expect from a drug that literally beats your ovaries into silence?

Why am I talking about Lupron again? I feel like there is not enough warning out there when it comes to Lupron because many people do not suffer the horrendous side effects or only deal with a few of them mildly.  Nobody wants to feel alone in Lupron hell, so if I can help others searching Google naked (because holy hotness!) in the early hours due to Lupron insominia - I will. 

So, if you are on Lupron and feel...

-like you were hit by a bus
-emotionally erratic to the extent you are breaking down in an ugly cry in the middle of the Target household section for no reason whatsoever
-narcoleptic but when bedtime comes around plagued by insomnia
-like your head is being pounded with a sledge hammer
-like you are losing your mind and putting odd objects in places (pasta in fridge, cell phone in the freezer, etc), leaving the dog outside because you forgot about him/her or writing the salutation of an email in the "to" field (speaking from experience)
-like ripping off all of your clothes, because HOLY HOTNESS OF HELL

Ya, its just Lupron.  This too shall pass.  I find the symptoms ease up once the stimulation phase begins, but that's just me.  This is my second cycle, and as I said above my first was much more emotional, but then again the *fun* has just begun! 

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  1. Awh I'm sorry you're not feeling the best. You have a good attitude though :) you're doing great!