Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Ultimate Egg Hunt

We made it through another retrieval! 

We made it to the office on time and my husband made arrangements that allowed him to be there until I went into the retrieval. My Mom was then there to drive my dopey self home. 

My anaesthesiologist had a very difficult time finding a vein - to the extent my left arm is full of horrific bruises and my right is full of bruises from the blood draws over the last two weeks and his pricking and prodding.  I have very little veins to work with and as he said they are all weak and tired. To that I added "tired of this bullshit." Can't say I blame them. Me too veins, me too. The nurse joked that I may have to drink the medicine. I must say I am at my funniest in a paper gown with my legs in monster stirrups. My egg retrievals are full of laughter. After 20 minutes of poking he found a workable vein. He is ridiculously lucky I paid him prior to the poking. 


I woke up 45 minutes later, and said "I am not asleep yet."

Oh anaesthesia, you are so much fun. 

I did not wake up in pain which is very different than my last two retrievals where I almost instantly felt uncomfortable cramping. My nurse had the Norco waiting, and I declined. 

I drank my juice box and waited for the egg count

20 eggs

I found out yesterday 10 fertilized - I am not going to lie I was a tad bit disappointed but this does give us a 50% fertilization rate, which I believe is in the normal range.  I also didn't ask how many of the 20 eggs were mature, most likely a few of the eggs were not which would leave us in a better place statistically in terms of fertilization. 

UPDATE - 18 fertilized!


I have been relaxing my days away, but have not had any substantial pain as my first two retrievals. I planned to be laid up in bed, per the usual.  Expect the unexpected.  Today has been my worst day in terms of bloat and being uncomfortable, but nothing compared to the torture of my past retrievals. Just mentally and physically exhausted. 

So now we wait...

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