Thursday, December 3, 2015

Blast Update

I was a ball of nerves yesterday waiting for the phone call regarding the amount of embryos that made it to blast and were able to be biopsied. 

Ball of nerves is an understatement, I was physically sick and bat sh*% crazy.  I would have rather been waterboarded

I found out on my way home from work (yep... I endured over 9 hours of torture) that we had 11 blasts biopsied from this cycle. I then told her to go give the embryologist a kiss for me. 



Let's do a little refresher, shall we?

4 embryos biopsied from 1st cycle > 0 biopsied from 2nd cycle < 11 biopsied from 3rd cycle

This gives us a total of 15 blasts!

I have been asked about the supplements I have been on and what we did differently this cycle as compared to our last failure of a cycle. 

I have been on the following supplements since March (1st transfer was in May, 2nd transfer was in August and 3rd transfer was in November)

5,000 IU of Vitamin D3 (I am low in Vitamin D)
Baby Aspirin until stims begin (MTHFR)

My husband takes the following:

5,000 IU of Vitamin D3 (he is low in Vitamin D)
Seeking Health Adeno B12 (MTHFR)

We did freeze a backup sample of my husband's sperm due to the past cycle and him fighting an infection which has thought to have affected his sample for our last cycle.  I am unsure if the embryologist had to use the frozen sample. 

My protocol changed a tiny bit, but was still Long Lupron.  My Follistim was kept at a steady dose of 300 units (split 1/2 of dosage in the AM and 1/2 of dosage in the PM) and I also took 37.5 units of Menopur in the PM. I did not have Menopur in my last cycle. I stimmed for one day less than my 1st and 2nd retrievals. 

To say I was over the moon last night, is an understatement. 

Keep up the faith!

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