Friday, December 4, 2015

Sierra Sage Organics

Sierra Sage is one of the oldest hand salve companies in America, founded in 1971.  How is Sierra Sage different than other salve companies?  Each recipe is carefully designed using traditional herbal medicine guidelines.  All of the ingredients used by Sierra Sage are organic and free of "bad for you" additives.

Sierra Sage was generous enough to send me some products for review.  Specifically their Green Goo line, but they offer so much more. I love finding new "good for you" personal care products that work! I urge you to check out their plethora of products which are made with many years of expertise and a whole lot of love.

Here are my thoughts and experiences with a few of the products we received:

Sierra Sage Lip Balms - I have been using the Cool Mint flavor for the past couple of weeks.  I make sure to have a lip balm with me all the time, but especially in the Summer and Winter months.  I found this balm to really condition your lips, not just repair them.  The conditioning probably comes from the added Vitamin E oil  Also, I struggle with lip balms aggravating my lips or causing lip breakouts. I have had neither of these issues. The balms are made with coconut oil, which is a natural sun protectant. At under $4 a pop these will definitely be my go to lip balm

Dry Skin Daily Moisturizing Salve - I was most excited about this salve, because my husband suffers from calloused/dry hands.  He in in love with this salve.  I asked him what he exactly loves about it, and this was his answer:

"Its not as greasy as other salves I have used, and soaks into my hands instead of laying on top of them.  There is very little fragrance to it, and doesn't leave my hands sore or red."

He has been using the salve for the past couple of weeks and is nearing the end of the tin.  He is already asking me to order another.  He does a lot of hand shaking in his profession and is always very self conscious of his hands.  They have made drastic improvements the last couple of weeks with his use of this salve.

Skin Repair Skin Salve - This is what I have been using for the last week for a couple of small sun spots that I have. It is uber moisturizing. I will update with the progress of them fading.  I have also used it for the ridiculous amount of injection and blood draw wounds I have collected from my last IVF cycle.  I did notice a much quicker healing time after using this salve.

I also received the First Aid Salve that I passed on to a friend that fell in love with it after using it for her dried hands. She plans on purchasing a tin or two for herself.

Overall, I was very impressed with these products and look forward to trying a few other products in their line like the Calendula Infused Face Wash and Arnica Salve. 

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  1. Thanks for the discount code! I would definitely like to try these!! :)