Tuesday, January 12, 2016

If this doesn't do it, I will wear shorts

I have three pairs of jeans to my name (that fit).  I was planning on purchasing new jeans this weekend, but quickly decided I should be able to fit into more of my jeans if I continue on this hardcore diet that Dr. Kwak Kim has suggested. 

So, if I don't lose, lose, lose - I will be wearing shorts in February in Chicago. Doesn't seem very pleasant, and I despise shorts. 

Dr. Kwak Kim believes my cytokines and PAI level will decrease with a significant amount of weight loss. 

So between that and the fact that I have three pairs of jeans to my name I think there is no better time than now to shed the 30 lbs I have gained over the last year. 

Here is my "plan"
  • low carb - strictly following the PCOS diet 
  • exercise at least 5 times per week - my Instagram followers have suggested lots of YouTube channels and DVDs.  My husband also introduced me to the big bulky exercise machine (Bow Flex) in my basement, and I plan on using that in addition to cardio. 
  • meal planning - more work on the weekend, but less during the week!
  • protein shakes - I hate them, but they are quick easy energy
So ya, I am hungry but I know the hard work and hunger will pay off.  

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