Sunday, January 17, 2016

Kwak vs RE

We met with my RE to discuss Dr. Kwak-Kim's findings. She was surprised to see my NKC activity came back abnormal, as she ran a NKC assay in March and it came back within range. However, I have read NKC activity is always fluctuating. 

She does not agree with Dr. Kwak-Kim's recommended protocol, as she feels its too aggressive and treats test results rather than a complete individual. 

She was actually much more anti-Kwak than I thought she would be.  She told me she has had numerous hysterical patients because of her (eek!). I did not get that vibe from her, but I am not going to lie it was a very overwhelming amount of information.

She is retesting my NKC activity and if they are elevated she will prescribe intralipids (1st treatment one week before transfer and then a treatment every 4 weeks up to 20 weeks) and a 7 day dosage of Medrol pre-transfer. My RE is extremely anti IVIG, but very pro intralipids when necessary. She doesn't believe in 40mg of Lovenox twice daily right off the bat but rather monitoring weekly and adjusting the Lovenox as needed. She also feels the Metformin will not do much for me, but could assist in lowering inflammation.  She has also recommended me doubling my fish oil to twice daily (2000mg of EPA/DHA) and adding in Barlean's Twin Oil for additional Omegas. 

I really value my RE's opinion. If you remember I was very hesitant about giving Long Lupron another go, and she was right. It was my most successful cycle yet. 

I have heard of many patients following Kwak's protocol and adding intralipids instead of the IVIG.  As of right now, I think that is what we are going to go with. In addition, to the monitoring from Kwak. We are both undecided regarding the Prednisone treatment. I am not opposed to a low dose short term, but a large dose long term treatment is out of the question. 

I also plan on contacting Dr. Kwak's office regarding the endometrial biopsy she wants done. I feel as if the treatment would not change much regardless of the results, as IVIG is not an option. 

Stay tuned!



  1. Hello! I started following your blog in October. I'm also in Chicago and have lost 4 pregnancies, and I'm now seeing an RPL specialist, Dr. Mary Stephenson. I thought about seeing kwak-Kim but decided to see Dr. Stephenson first to see what she would find/recommend, and I had a pretty useless RE prior to her. Do you mind sharing which RE or group you go to? I'd very much appreciate the info, should we need to seek yet another opinion. TIA, and best of luck with this upcoming transfer!!

    1. Hello! Thanks for reading. I see Natalie Schultz. She worked for Sher in Peoria, and has recently opened her own small clinic in Downers Grove. Feel free to email me to discuss further.