Friday, January 22, 2016

Winter in Chicago

has arrived!

It's kind of funny, how all of us Chicago-ans relished in the "warm" temps this December and began to believe winter wasn't coming this year or was that just me being optimistic?

Ya, not! Bring out the ice scrapers (thank goodness, I go from one garage to the next) and Uggs. Chicago winter is here to stay, but hopefully not for long. 

It's been a cold couple of weeks in Chicago, and we have been prepared for it thanks to MegaFood. I have mentioned MegaFood vitamins about 324343 times in this blog because I love them for more reasons than one. 

Shaker bottle, DIY calendula oil, Zinc, Daily-C, Vitamin D3, Dream Release and Complex C
Why do I love Mega Food vitamins and supplements?

They are made with organic real food, no synthetic garbage when it comes to MegaFood!

They also work closely with their producers/farmers to ensure a GMO free product. Win!

Jump on over to their website to read more about the partnership they have with GMO free farms across the country. 

The vitamins my husband and I take are always changing whether it is due to where we are in an IVF cycle, season or how we are feeling. We always ramp up our Vitamin D dosage a bit in the winter and add in some Vitamin C and Zinc to support our immune system and keep us chugging through the cold weather temps. No matter how cold it is - life does not stop in Chicago. 

It is important to remember self-care during the winter months. My favorite winter indulgences are hot baths, weekend at home facials and sleeping in when I realize my body needs a few extra zzzzz's. 

Here are a couple of winter wellness tips from MegaFood

My pack of MegaFood goodness also came with a DIY calendula oil recipe and supplies to make it (blog post to come!)

**I received these samples in exchange for a review. All of the opinions in this post are mine. 


  1. Hello! I also love megafood vitamins. I was curious what kind of vitamins you take? Do you always take a multi vitamin?

    1. In the past I have taken Garden of Life Raw and MegaFood Prenatal. I would switch it up. I switched to Thorne Prenatal due to my MTHFR. It's always best to stick with a whole food vitamin like MegaFood.