Friday, February 5, 2016

2 for 1

This waiting game, sucks. Just wanted to get that off my chest. Anyone that tells you differently is a L-I-A-R, because as a good friend once told me adults don't fib they lie. 

The current wait is for CD1, which "should" be around February 14th. I stress should because remember that?

I went in for my mock transfer this past Monday, and things went smoothly. The catheter shot in retroverted and my cervix has a normal opening.  The process also involved a measuring tape. I forgot to ask, but googled and I guess she was measuring my uterus. No stone goes unturned, I swear.  I am hoping the actual transfer is just as seamless as the mock. 

*fingers crossed*

I asked if she could throw in a pap smear while she was there.  My past OB/GYN told me I could forgo yearly paps for every three years, and I just don't feel comfortable doing so especially after having a random abnormal pap a couple of years ago which led to a colposcopy which found absolutely nothing. 

I am not a fan of surprises, especially those that could involve pre-cancer or cancer.  Definitely not the wrench I need or want in my current life plan. 

We also discussed my latest NKa results which came back well within normal range and in-line, slightly higher than my results in March.  We are trusting my RE and lab and just going from there. I have read study after study, and its not enough for me to not at least try for a transfer using my RE's protocol rather than my RI's much more medicated protocol. 

Is it March yet? 

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