Thursday, February 18, 2016

Current Loves

1.  Peace & Calming essential oil - Everyone I know loves Young and Living's Peace & Calming essential oil.  I have liked it, but up until recently it hasn't been one of my favorites. It's crazy how your oil loves are always changing.  My RE does not want me doing much with essential oils while going through IVF, but she isn't opposed to me diffusing here and there. It really helps with my stress and anxiety.  Also, zzzzz's.  Not like I have an issue there.  For those who have never had the opportunity to give it a sniff, it's a blend of tangerine, orange, ylang ylang, patchouli and blue tansy. Hands down our pup's favorite oil too!

2.  Sling TV - is awesome. It's new, it has it's kinks. It freezes and you have to restart here and there, but it really doesn't bother me.  We literally get every channel we cared about on cable for $20 a month!  A downside, you can only watch on one device.  This isn't really an issue in our household, but I can see it being an issue. I am sure an option for more than one screen will be available soon. 

3.  Nick's Sticks - These are our go-to when needing a quick snack.  Specifically the 100% grass fed beef sticks.  120 calories for two sticks!  Dye free, nitrate free, hormone free, sugar free, gluten free and antibiotic free. Love, love love these.

4. Emmaus "Touch of Love" skin towels - Emmaus Beauty was founded by Aminah Sagoe for her skin issues including Keratosis Pilaris. I personally do not suffer from KP, but I do have extremely sensitive skin. In the winter, my skin issues exacerbate. 

These towelettes are awesome. They indeed eliminated a dry patch of skin on my side and left it feeling smooth and moisturized. It was pretty much a miracle. I had tried almost everything before finding these and will be a must have for the winter months. Also, all natural ingredients are used. Win!  I also have been using the body wash and lotion which are fabulous, but the towels are by far my favorite. 

What are you currently loving? 

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