Friday, February 5, 2016

Ready, Set, Cut

We said goodbye to cable TV two weeks ago, and we have not looked back.  

I was happy to cut the cord (so to speak) and just tell our cable company to go and pound sand. 

We had a plan, as we had already installed our Roku that we scored on Black Friday for $25 and we are already subscribers to Amazon Prime and Netflix.  So, there was obviously some thought put into the breakup. 

I personally was fed up with the poor customer service, endless promo pricing gimmicks and incessant nickle and diming. 

It was also more of a decision for my well being.  I began to observe my viewing habits and quickly realized it was similar to being in an unfulfilling relationship that I had grown accustomed to. Did I even particularly like the television shows I was watching? Most often not, I had simply grown accustomed to binge watching what was on my DVR. There was very little thought and entertainment value when it came to what I was watching, it was more of a routine that I had grown comfortable with.

The first week was weird, so to say. I had grown accustomed to coming home from work, immediately turning on the TV to one of my many DVR'd television shows and cooking dinner. Mindless television watching with very little educational or entertainment value. I do not miss it, which means it wasn't very important to me. I instead relish in the mindfulness and quiet as I decompress from the workday.  

Don't get me wrong, we still watch TV. We have Showtime for our Shameless obsession and have developed a Downton Abbey obsession.  In addition, we still watch way too much news. However, we are much more mindful of what we are watching. I find in streaming TV you are able to pinpoint more of exactly what you would like to watch rather than mindless thumbing through channels or running your DVR on autopilot.  

The cost savings is an added bonus. I do realize our internet promotional pricing will not be this inexpensive forever, but with our cable and internet bill coming to a whopping $148 per month there is still quite a bit of a cost savings. 

Please send any documentary or streaming suggested television series my way!


  1. I've been wanting to do this for a while, but my hubby has been resistant. Not only does it save so much money, but it would save me from the mindless tv watching that happens on a daily basis. xo

    1. So true! My husband was a bit resistant, but in the end he was willing to give it a try. Good luck persuading your husband!