Thursday, February 11, 2016


A little bit of this, and a little bit of that...
    • My obsession with Target is getting out of hand.  I was there three times last week. I get a high by purchasing cleaning products from Target. Hell, I get a high when I walk into the doors of Target. #whatiswrongwithme? It doesn't help that it is 1.6 miles from my house. Everything is better at Target.
    •  Work is picking up which in reality is #perfectbutnotperfect timing.  The being busy will assist in keeping my mind busy, but my FET will  be in the midst of busy season. Luckily I have the best coworkers a  gal could ask for.
    • We celebrated and are in the midst of celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary (2/8).  My husband couldn't wait to exchange gifts, so that happened last Friday.  He came home with cards and flowers on our true anniversary and I greeted him at home with a plethora of suhi rolls. Alright, the sushi rolls were for me also. We are ending #anniversaryweek with dinner tomorrow evening. 
    • I have been struggling to write a couple of blog posts including one regarding our last pregnancy loss.  Our last miscarriage began on the evening of our anniversary and it has proven to be very difficult to write about it. I was hoping to because I feel spreading awareness is oh so important, but I just haven't been able to. I think it would be easier if I password protected it, so it's in the works.  #lotsoffeelings
    • My obsession with Downton Abbey is #ooc. I was very close to buying some DA inspired pajamas on Etsy, have found my British accent and have been seriously contemplating taking up duck hunting. #castleporn 
    • Anyone have big Valentine's Day plans? My husband and I are usually pretty low key especially since we are now married and our anniversary is less than a week before Valentine's Day. The usual is lottery tickets and a small gift for him, edible arrangement for me and a heart shaped pizza. So what are you up to? #livingvicariouslythisvalentinesday
    •  Have I mentioned how much I love the Instagram #ttc and #ivf  community? These ladies have truly gotten me through some of my  toughest times, kept my mind busy and are able to truly understand  the roller coaster of #ttc. I urge you to check out the mentioned  hashtags if you are in a similar spot. It's a wonderful support group  we have going there. #infertilitysucks #ivfsisters
Alright, I am all out of hashtags.  What have you all been up to? 


  1. Happy 3rd wedding anniversary and hope you have a great Valentines Day weekend. Your low key plans sound just like ours, nothing major. We've learned that going out on Valentines Day is horrible so we always stay home and make dinner together. xo

  2. making dinner together can be very sweet! Have a wonderful Valentine's Day and thanks for the anniversary wishes <3

  3. I am so, so sorry to hear about your miscarriage. Virtual hugs to you