Monday, March 14, 2016

Check! Check!

Lining check!

The phlebotomist told me I should drink more water before coming in for blood draws.  DO I LOOK LIKE A NEWBIE? Improve your skills lady!


I have been trucking along on Estrace since Thursday when I began 2mg once daily and today jacked up my dose to 4mg twice daily. 

My lining is at an 8!

Is it the POM juice, brazil nuts, Vitamin E or light cardio? Who knows, but lets keep on track little ol' plump uterine lining of mine. Keep making me proud!

Now my estrogen... My RE would like to see it at 300 prior to transfer. In the past with follicle growth, my estrogen likes to take the slow scenic route and then BAM were at 3,000. I'm a slow responder. 

I go back in on Wednesday for monitoring and possibly more blood tests for the blood clotting stuff and a NKa test just to make sure. I asked my nurse to mention it to my RE. I will do whatever she recommends.

I have been feeling much better than last week where I had a three day migraine from hell. Most likely courtesy of Lupron, but it also began shortly after Estrace. 

Who knows. Who cares. Its gone. THANK GOODNESS. 

Emotionally I have been a basket case which is pretty typical. I am terrified but optimistic. As of recently I feel very in control which is weird because in reality I have control over absolutely nothing, but I do have all of my laundry done so maybe that's it.  It doesn't take much for me these days! 

Until Wednesday...

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