Wednesday, March 16, 2016

FET > Egg Retrieval

Last week was bumpy, to say the least. I was extremely emotional and a tad bit irrational, but this week has been so different. I am feeling calm and relaxed which is such a change from my egg retrieval cycles. I was expecting much more anxiety during this FET, but there has been very little. I know the anxiety will build during the two week wait, but for now I am relishing in feeling good, and even like myself! The blood draws and vaginal ultrasounds put a cramp in my style, but whatever. I will take it!

I had a monitoring appointment this morning and things look good. My estrogen levels are "actually pretty good" according to my nurse and my lining is also "on target." I spared myself from the actual numbers because sometimes the less you know - the better.

I go in for another lining and estrogen check on Friday, and hopefully start the dreaded PIO that evening. 

As I had my feet in the stirrups this morning I truly realized how easy this was compared to my egg retrievals. I cannot imagine transferring a fresh embryo in the shape that I was in. 

A frozen embryo transfer is so much less involved. I am popping a couple extra pills (estrace), remembering my tiny Lupron shot in the evening and having a couple monitoring appointments. Easy peasy. I am sure not everyone has the same experience, and I am truly grateful for things to be going swimmingly. It's about time!

Welp, back to my POM juice and brazil nuts.