Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Jesus, Politics and Cardio

How am I doing? I get asked this often. Then again doesn't everyone? Although, for me its a bit of a loaded question.

I started Lupron Monday which is nothing foreign to me or my body. I had been injection free for the last three months and believe it or not that is the longest I have been injection free since my first injection of Follistim in May. Craziness.

Woke up with a slight headache yesterday morning that progressed throughout the day but then fades and goes away, but quickly comes back.  It's not a migraine, for this I am thankful for. I cannot describe it. I am prepared for my body to hate Lupron just as much as it did the first and second time.  

So, that's the known. My body hates Lupron, but the shots are easy peasy and only once a day.  Can't complain there. 

I am scheduled to have an ultrasound next Wednesday to ensure all is calm in this female reproductive system of mine and then will start Estrace followed by the dreaded PIO (Progesterone in Oil). This is new to me. I have heard it is all in all much easier on your body than the whole egg retrieval process, but its new and new is scary.  I will also have monitoring appointments, but from what I have heard not as many and only concentrating on my lining rather than follicle growth. Whats another vaginal ultrasound? Easy peasy!

I have hemmed and hawed about starting acupuncture for the embryo transfer and ultimately decided against it.  I am in the midst of busy season at work, and the added appointments will most likely stress me out more than add value. However, I am following my doctor's order for very light cardio sessions at 40 minutes each 4 times a week.  This has truly helped with the stress relief. 

Emotionally I am alright. I have had bouts of tears since starting the BCP, but again that's nothing new. I am afraid of defeat, but really working hard on staying positive.  The cardio sessions have been helping and my husband and I have decided to make church more of a mandatory event. The 2016 Primaries have also kept my mind busy, but I get teary eyes every time I hear Rachel Platten's "Fight Song" during Hillary's speeches.  

I get by with a little help from my friends; Jesus, politics and cardio. Whatever works huh? 

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  1. Glad that your cardio sessions are giving you some stress relief! Best of luck with the PIO Injections!! xo