Monday, April 4, 2016

Go Time!

After three egg retrievals we finally had our FET (frozen embryo transfer) yesterday afternoon. I spent the morning keeping busy with a long walk where I found a Robin's nest in one of our trees, penny (heads side up!) and an Egret which we rarely see. It was a feel good walk to really take in the moment and clear my mind.

It worked I was relaxed even despite the Medrol jitters.

We met with our RE prior to transfer to discuss the stages of the embryos we were transferring. Our embryologist thawed three embryos. One of the embryo did not thaw well enough for him to consider suitable for transfer, but the other two thawed with one even hatching on its own. The other hatched with a little help from our embryologist. My RE also answered all of the questions we had and reviewed my chart which is literally as thick as a phone book. At this point, I was dancing in my seat, because my bladder was that full.  My RE loves to talk, but at this point I wanted to get down to business.

My nurse dropped me a Valium and we were on our way to transfer some embabies.  My bladder was way too full and I had to "go and stop mid flow" three times before it was ready to go. How much water did I really drink?  My tilted uterus caused no issues and it was over in a bleep of a second. It was wonderful to have my husband there to experience the transfer with me. It was also hilarious to hear his questions for the doctor and embryologist. Let me be honest, he is nowhere near as IVF educated as myself.

Our embryologist told us at the time of transfer both embryos were hatched and expanding. Excellent news!

So, now we wait...


  1. Praying for you guys and so excited!! Come on Babies!!

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