Tuesday, May 10, 2016

9 Day Wait

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was much worse than I ever had imagined, and I imagined it to be absolutely awful

Things started off alright in the land of c-r-a-z-y. I kept myself busy, or as busy one can be lounging around the house. I had a stack full of magazines and books to read, but lets be real I kept myself busy playing Words with Friends and Hungry Babies. 

I didn't eat pineapple core and decided to forgo the brazil nuts after transfer. Lets be real, I lumped and ate gyro meat immediately after transfer and it tasted way better than brazil nuts and pineapple core.

My husband lumped beside me also in a Hungry Babies frenzy. I made sure my father-in-law was around for laughter and we had my Grandparents over for a super low key dinner consisting of pizza for them and a GF beef sandwich for me. This helped keep my mind off the wait for a short period of time. 

I had a minor nervous breakdown when the new couch we had ordered was delivered. I had totally forgot of any VOCs that may have been emitted, and had a legit crying fit until my husband and father-in-law moved it into our basement. I then put every Ionic Breeze we own on TURBO.

Later that week, I lost it and POAS (peed on a stick). My husband was at work and I was bored as can be from lumping around and doing absolutely nothing for what seemed like an eternity. After so many days of lumping you start to go mad.  I wasn't expecting much (4dp5dt) but it was enough to get the crazy going. Evap line? faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaint faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaint positive? Negative?

Who knows, but this just meant I would have to POAS first thing Monday morning. 

I did and it was a stark white negative. It was also stark white negative when I returned home from work to check on it, because doesn't everyone look at 10 hour old pee sticks?

I will keep this short, it all went downhill from there. I confessed to my husband who had adamant (knowing me oh so well) that I not under any circumstances test prior to beta. He assured me it was too early and then made me pinky promise to not test until beta. I didn't test, and it was brutal.

The anxiety I felt the next few days was atrocious. I was searching for any sign or symptom that I had in a previous pregnancy. I was a desperate, anxious, crazy person that lost 75% of any hope that she had. 

DO YOURSELF A FAVOR LADIES, do not test prior to 7dp5dt or do not test at all. 

I had no symptoms.  However, looking back there were a few peculiar things that are worth a mention just for my own documentation because honestly I never thought of them as symptoms during my 9 day wait and they probably are not symptoms, but I want to remember them. 

2dp5dt I was awoken by some twinges and awful heartburn. I was exhausted the entire day. At the time, I was not 100% positive that this was implantation. I figured it was my imagination and the assistance of PIO rather than implantation. Looking back, I think it could have been 50/50. 

Holy vivid dreams with my craziest being 7dp5dt. I dreamed I was walking to work from an RE appointment and then cornered by two small but aggressive brown bear cubs, turned the corner and was quickly cornered again by a jaguar. I then walked further down the street running into a snake and a cheetah.

Well ladies and gents my negative pregnancy test and symptom free 9 days led to a 9dp5dt beta of 200-something. 

Which leads me to my next bit of advice, do not plan on working the day of beta. I had this grand idea that I would go to my beta and then work. Yep, thank goodness I didn't do that. I was a nervous wreck until we got the phone call at exactly 2:46 while at Marianos, and then I was an excited, happy, giddy nervous wreck for the remainder of the day. 

Keep the crazy at home!

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