Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A New Set of Doctors

Today was my first official OB appointment with a new practice.  

The new OB was fantastic. It is a practice of three which I am not used to, but after meeting two of them I am anxious to meet the third and hoping she is equally as awesome.  It is difficult when you have grown accustomed to a lot of hand holding by your RE. I text my nurse for goodness sake. I stressed this to the new OB I met with today and also inquired of seeing them more often than once per month.  She was not even hesitant and agreed wholeheartedly explaining that whatever makes me most comfortable.  Phew. We snuck in an ultrasound and I am measuring a couple of days ahead at 10w1d and a perfect heart rate of 168.  

I met with a maternal fetal medicine doctor a couple of weeks ago.  She was, like most are, shocked in the rarity of my losses.  What can I say lightening loves me.  Her philosophy is my losses were known and the causes were evident.  She believes I found my other issues because we were searching for them, not necessarily because they affect me.  She found assurance in my normal PAI and homocysteine level and felt that Lovenox past 12 weeks is not warranted.  I am not going to lie - this terrifies me. I would continue solely on the blood thinning properties of baby aspirin.  As she explained, the baby aspirin protects the baby and the Lovenox protects me. I have no history of blood clots and no family history. I am hoping to revisit this issue at 12 weeks before stopping cold turkey. We discussed genetic testing which she doesn't deem warranted as we did PGS testing. She does feel closer looks at the baby at 12 and 20 weeks would be a good idea as IVF pregnancies seem to carry a small increase in risks.  She is also recommending a 16 week ultrasound to check my cervix due to my past D&E at 20 weeks.  However, she says the chance of me needing a stich is slim and knowing the MFM that performed the surgery my chance is even slimmer. At this point, I am all about 'just in case. 

So in a couple of weeks, I will be a 'normal' patient. Cue freak out.  All of the feelings. Pregnancy after loss is tough - very tough. I am attempting to take things day by day, but honestly I have been sleeping a lot. It helps. 

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