Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Beta Hell

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I am not a patient person. IVF has taught me patience, but I am still not a patient person. As I have said in previous blog posts IVF is all about waiting and life in 'beta hell' shall we call it is no different. 

Our first beta (9dp5dt) coming in at 256 (ask nurse) was a good and solid number. We were ecstatic, but we had another beta to make sure this number doubled in 48-72 hours. My RE likes to see less than 48 hours, BUT your results may vary. 

Our second beta (12dp5dt) came in at 805 which was a good number but a slower doubling time. Still we were pleased. 

Then I found myself suddenly grabbing at my slightly tender breasts during the day to make sure they were still slightly tender. I stress slightly. The urge to POAS grew by the day. The truth is my body has never carried a baby to term and allowing myself to trust that it can do so is difficult. I know for certain it can miscarry.  Truth - this scares the expletive out of me. I was googling anything and everything. It was so bad, I deleted my search history. I spent hours on betabase.info. I was a raging lunatic.

I went for yet another blood draw for our third beta (14dp5dt) and I sat and waited. Of course, this was the day my nurse didn't call me by 4:00 pm and I reached out to her at 4:30pm.  My beta came in at 1839 with a doubling time of 40.3 hours. HUZZAH!

& now the ultrasound...

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