Monday, May 9, 2016

Lets cut to the chase...

I am pregnant, and for the first time ever we can say with 98.9% certainty that I am pregnant with a fetus (8 weeks 4 days and happily measuring 8 weeks 5 days as of this morning) that has 46 chromosomes. 

Life? It's been stressful. Actually that's an understatement but at the moment I cannot find a word to stress the feelings of the last 5 weeks. It's been tough - really tough. I appreciate all that have checked in on me and my well being because without you all I would be in the insane asylum. One thing is for certain my husband and I are encircled by an amazing group of people.  

We are still anxious, but appreciating this little growing peanut as each day passes.

5 day hatched embryo - 6 weeks - 7 weeks - 8 weeks 
**I have a few posts leading up to today that I will post beginning tomorrow 

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