Thursday, June 30, 2016

16 weeks

I am feeling good about this number. It has been two days since I have had one of my violent headache episodes, and hopefully the worst is in the past. A girl can hope right?

Life has been busy. My husband is a bit of a workaholic and his current employer is involved in an acquisition meaning even less time with him around.  I usually handle it okay but I think the pregnancy hormones are adding fuel to a fire that is not usually there.  I am quite the needy one.

16 Weeks!

Total Weight Gain - 4 lbs (seems more like 14 lbs) not bad considering all exercise was off limits for the first 12 weeks. The headaches have kept me from getting back into the gym, but I have made it a mission to walk at least 2 miles when the headaches are not around. I am not going to lie I really miss how comfortable I felt in the body I had two years ago before the miscarriage and IVF, but I am working on being grateful for this body that is currently doing a fine job of growing a human.

Sleep - I love it. I have had some freakishly scary nightmares, but they don't wake me up.

Food Cravings - Lemons, lemons and more lemons.  I have also had some strange cravings for scalloped potatoes and Salerno butter cookies. Weird.

Food Aversions - Meat of any kind. My husband had to hand feed me chicken breast this weekend. I ate it with my eyes closed.

Symptoms - I have felt like I had absolutely zero, until I spoke to my sister in law who reminded me being emotional is a symptom.  So, yep I am emotional. I have more recently became more tired in the late afternoon which means I am worthless in the evening and nothing is getting done. Hope this passes soon. I thought this was a 1st trimester thing?!

Gender - I may find out today when I go in for my cervical length ultrasound. I figure its the least they can do considering I have to endure yet another vaginal ultrasound. Stay tuned!

Other Happenings - My hematologist is not worried about my slow blood clotting time and believes I should continue the Lovenox.

I visited the 'baby room' for the first time in a year and a half. We have quite the baby stash going and it felt good for these items to bring excitement rather than tears.

Looking Forward To - The anatomy ultrasound, but I am also very anxious. Honestly, probably more anxious than excited.

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