Thursday, July 14, 2016

18 weeks

Here we are! I can hardly believe it. Things are going well, we had a minor hiccup of possible spotting (long story), but everything checked out okay. I am still a bit shaky about it, but I am being realistic regarding the situation and my doctors lack of concern.

My energy levels have finally returned to somewhat normal.  As normal as they can be without the assistance of caffeine.

18 Weeks!

Total Weight Gain - I don't know, and don't want to know. I will find out at next weeks OB appointment. My jeans no longer fit. Hello, stretchy waistbands. I am feeling round and I really could do without the extra boobage. Who would have thought I would ever say that?

Sleep - I love it. I have numerous freaky dreams/nightmares and wake up about 2-3 times to pee, but besides that I sleep like a baby (or what I hope our baby sleeps like).

Food Cravings -  Citrus

Food Aversions - I still am not that big of a fan of meat. I am doing my best.

Symptoms -  Numerous PM visits to the bathroom, super emotional and some round ligament pain with my first sharp pain in the middle of the night last night. My reminder that I am officially 18 weeks?

Gender - We did not find out at my cervical length ultrasound due to an uncooperative baby. The spotting scare landed me at my OB for another ultrasound at 17 weeks with still a very uncooperative baby. So ya, we will find out when we find out. The little ones heartbeat is on the higher range and I believe its a girl. Lets see if I am right.

Other Happenings - My cervical length came back at 3.6 which my MFM was pleased with. There will be one more measurement taken at my 20 week ultrasound, and then if that comes back okay  it is a non issue.

We also found out that I have an anterior placenta which is not a big deal, but can lead to anxiety in the weeks ahead when it comes to kick counting and fetal movement. My body is one big variant, I tell ya!

Looking Forward To - Breathing after a successful 20 week ultrasound!

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