Friday, August 26, 2016

24 Weeks - First Viability Milestone

I have so many posts sitting in draft, but lately I just haven't been able to form much of a sentence to perfect them. Blogging, please come back to me. 

24 Weeks - First Viability Milestone

Total Weight Gain – As of my last appointment a week ago - 9 lbs

Sleep – I am having ridiculous amounts of nightmares and dreams. I never know what type of night I am going to have. I am also experiencing sporadic leg pain. I cant explain it. They are not leg cramps nor restless leg syndrome. Just pain. Most likely due to swelling, I would think. 

Food Cravings -  nothing new

Food Aversions – nothing new

Symptoms -  I can officially feel her moving around, and she is quite predictable.  At my last OB appointment it was difficult for my OB to get an accurate heart rate because there was so much movement on the fetal monitor. 

Other Happenings – We purchased a new car for me which is exciting but also terrifying. I am not a fan of car payments. We decided mine needed way too many repairs and I have heard it is much easier fumbling around with a baby in an SUV compared to a car. Also, AWD for Chicago winters. 

We are in the midst of getting the nursery together! We decided on a color scheme and my husband finished patching the plethora of holes the previous owners left behind and will be finished painting by the end of today. We have had the nursery furniture for a few years now, and will finally see it put together in the near future!

Upcoming Happenings - We have a fetal echo on 9/2 and then the 1 hour glucose test on 9/8. The fetal echo is being done strictly because the pregnancy is an IVF pregnancy. I guess there is a tiny increase in heart issues with IVF babies, but all 4 chambers were visible at our anatomy ultrasound. I am not very worried, but of course I will be relieved when it is over and we receive the good news. 

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