Thursday, September 29, 2016

29 Weeks

29 Weeks - Third Trimester? Say what?

Food Aversions – nothing new

Cravings - nada

Symptoms -  this little darling of ours just loves to tease my bladder, so lots of trips to the bathroom. Snoring and drooling (keeping it real!) I have also been very tired, but more on that later. 

Other Happenings – I failed my 1 hour glucose test, but just found out I passed my 3 hour glucose test!  I obviously need to be more conscientious of what I am putting in my mouth. I have never had a sweet tooth until this pregnancy, and I need to learn how to keep this newfound tooth in check.  I am pretty sure oreo balls and orange juice is not the recommended breakfast of champions.  

I also found out I am 'very anemic'. I have been very tired for the last few weeks. To the point where it has been difficult for me to walk up the stairs. This kicked in right after my husband left for Hawaii. My luck.  I cant explain it, but nothing I have ever really felt before, so this diagnosis was really not a surprise to me. I was actually concerned and brought it up to my doctor at one of my appointments but she shrugged it off as 'pregnancy' which peeves me a bit - not going to lie. As I could have started iron supplements weeks ago and not let my body get into the poor state it is in currently. However, I am feeling better after force feeding myself red meat every meal of the day and starting iron supplementation. Hopefully things just go up from here including my hemoglobin, k? 

We had our baby shower, and it was chock full of all of the emotions. We are blessed to be surrounded by so many that love us and this little growing peanut.

We have decided on a name.  We never had a long list of names to begin with.  This one just stuck. I wanted a name with a meaning. My husband wanted an Italian name that was on the shorter side. We both decided on Lucia (pronounced - loo-CHEE-ah). The meaning of the name is 'graceful light'. We have gone through quite a bit of darkness to get to this point and this little girl is truly the light we have been waiting for. 

Upcoming Happenings - I have my first growth ultrasound today, and will be following up with MFM every other week with me seeing my OB the off week. You would think I would be accustomed to all of these appointments, but I am not. Then again anything to make sure all is well. 

I feel like we still have so much to do.  I am a planner and currently have so many lists which means so many open items. 

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  1. Beautiful name, and I am somewhat biased. It happens to be the alias of "Niblet" my one living child.